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Ministers Ally, Bulkan rally Mahdia residents to get registered

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Ministers Ally, Bulkan rally Mahdia residents to get registered

Minister of Communities, the Hon Ronald Bulkan addresses residents of Mahdia during a public meeting at Konawaruk Junction, Region Eight MINISTER of Social Protection Amna Ally on Friday encouraged residents of Campbelltown, Region Eight to ensure that they are registered and also warned them to be wary of rumours.

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“You will hear all manner of things about house-to-house registration, but let me tell you, it is necessary to have the registration process.” She explained that in addition to the current list of voters being padded, the list has also expired. The Social Protection Minister said the government intends to have a clean list. “Our president wants credible elections, and so we are calling for house-to-house registration, because it is an only way to have a clean list to host credible elections.”

Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally She advised the Campbelltown residents to get registered as it will ensure free, fair and transparent General and Regional Elections. The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) commenced its house-to-house registration process two weeks ago. So far over 108, 000 persons have been registered. Ally was part of a high-level team of government ministers and other officials in Mahdia on Friday for the ‘Government Comes To You’ outreach. Meanwhile, Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan also at a meeting at Brian Sucre Junction, (Konawaruk Junction) in Region Eight encouraged residents to get registered. “When the elections are held, they will not be able to go to those elections if they are not registered,” Minister Bulkan asserted

House-to-house registration is currently taking place by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) enumerators across the country, and according to Minister Bulkan, the meeting was the perfect opportunity to encourage residents to get registered

Residents at the community meeting in Campbelltown, Region Eight “If you are 14 years of age by the ending of October this year, you are eligible to be registered. However, you have to be 18 by the time the elections are called to vote… To qualify, you also need to have a birth certificate or valid passport; these are source documents.”

Minister Bulkan said it is important that persons understand that they have a responsibility to participate in these elections. He went on to explain that the government that is formed after elections are held and that government will have the responsibility of addressing critical issues which are people’s livelihoods. “Get registered! Get on that list!… When the numerators from GECOM come knocking on your door, get registered!” the Communities Minister urged. The ministers were part of a larger team to have visited the township of Mahdia for the ‘Government Comes To You’ outreach. The visit coincides with the town achieving its status one year ago