Sando bandit shot dead, another wounded

Nuevos Vecinos, Madrid, España
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Two bandits who robbed patrons of their jewellery at a bar in San Fernando this morning were stopped in their tracks.

One was shot and killed and the other wounded by a retired policeman. When police arrived, they found the body of one of the bandits, only identified as “Tallo,” with bullet wounds to his chest. Clutched in his hands were two pairs of gold chains which he had taken from customers at the bar. A police report said at about 11.30am today the two bandits entered Marshall’s bar at the corner of Cipero and Sutton Streets and announced a hold-up.

Eyewitnesses said the men told customers to hand over their jewellery. The two bandits then walked through the bar snatching gold chains from people’s necks.

A retired policeman was walking nearby, saw the commotion and told the men to drop their weapons.

They refused and instead pointed their guns at him. But before they could shoot, he pulled out his licensed gun and began shooting at them. There was an exchange of gunfire and screams were heard from inside the bar, according to passers-by.

Undertakes removes body of unidentified body of murdered man, alias givin “Tallo” at the corner of Sutten and Cipero Street, San Fernando. 11/09/2019. PHOTO BY: MARVIN HAMILTON

The two bandits ran out onto Sutton Street and continued shooting. Tallo was hit, fell to the ground and died near the bar. His accomplice was shot in the leg and eyewitness said he hopped away. Investigators said a trail of blood was spotted leading to nearby apartments but the bandit was not found.

They said both men are known criminals, originally from Port of Spain, who had recently moved to San Fernando. A district medical officer pronounced “Tallo” dead and ordered his body removed to the Forensic Science Centre. A manhunt has been launched for the other bandit.