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Ten avocados, 63 lemons brought to court in theft case

A La Ro­maine man charged with steal­ing 15 av­o­ca­dos and 63 lemons was re­mand­ed in­to cus­tody for the po­lice to pro­duce his crim­i­nal record.

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Joel Wal­cott orig­i­nal­ly plead­ed guilty but af­ter the facts were read by the pros­e­cu­tor, he de­nied steal­ing the fruits.

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San Fer­nan­do Se­nior Mag­is­trate Jo-Anne Con­nor en­tered a not guilty plea on his be­half

He was charged with two of­fences

The first charge al­leged that on Sep­tem­ber 12, at Bay View, La Ro­maine he stole five av­o­ca­dos val­ued $125 from Sean Si­mon

The sec­ond charge al­leged that on Tues­day at La Ro­maine he stole ten av­o­ca­dos and 63 lemons to­talling $930 from An­nette See­taram

The charges were laid by PC Badal and Cpl Coomans­ingh

It is al­leged that the po­lice caught him on See­taram’s av­o­ca­do’s tree

The ten av­o­ca­dos and the 63 lemons were pro­duced in court. Pros­e­cu­tor Cley­on Seedan told the mag­is­trate that a trace was not done be­cause Wal­cott re­fused to give his fin­ger­prints

How­ev­er, Wal­cott claimed no re­quest was made for his fin­ger­prints

The mag­is­trate re­mand­ed him in­to cus­tody to reap­pear in court to­day for bail to be con­sid­ered