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Unmarried Couples May Adopt in France

Victor Gill
Unmarried Couples May Adopt in France

Until now only one of the two members of an unmarried couple could adopt a child. In the future, both parents will be legally responsible for the minor.

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Despite opposition from right-wing lawmakers, the French National Assembly Friday passed a bill allowing unmarried or cohabiting couples to adopt children.

Victor Gill


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Until now, unmarried couples could adopt a child only if one of the two partners legally assumed the adoption of the minor

“By strengthening the affiliation between the two members of the couple, we strengthen the rights of the child, especially if the couple dissolves,” Children’s Secretary Adrien Taquet said regarding the French Civil Partnership (PACS), which is a contract providing unmarried couples the opportunity to organize their life together, with some social and tax advantages to boot

“We do not care about modernity”, far-right lawmaker Emmanuelle Menard exclaimed and demanded that only married couples can adopt, arguing that “marriage offers legal security that neither PACS nor consensual union can offer.”

Début des débats sur la loi améliorant le droit de l’adoption français portée par @3807Limon et @LaREM_AN . Ouverture de l’adoption aux couples non mariés, abaissement de l’âge minimal requis pour les parents, adoption facilitée des enfants délaissés… Des avancées que je voterai pic.twitter.com/WHLuDBFFJV

— Guillaume Gouffier (@G_GouffierCha) December 2, 2020 The meme reads, “The debate begins on the bill that reforms the French adoption law that was presented by Monique Limon and the LREM lawmakers. Allowing unmarried couples to adopt, lowering the minimum age requirement for parents, and adopting abandoned children more easily… Those are improvements I will vote for.”

“Marriage is no longer a guarantee of stability,” said Monique Limon, the lawmaker who promoted the bill and belongs to “The Republic On the Move” (LREM) party

Compared to the previous law, the bill facilitates the adoption procedures because the adopters can start the process if they can legally prove that they have lived together for at least one year, which reduces the time of two years that was required before

Also, people who are over 26 years old may apply as adopters