More than 1.3B Covid-19 vaccine jabs administered globally – latest updates

Separate government data published in March suggested the real death toll may be at least 60 percent above the confirmed figure

Covid-19 has killed more than 3.3M people and infected more than 161.8M globally. Here are all the coronavirus-related developments for May 14: A person holds a syringe with a dose of the PfizerBioNTech coronavirus disease vaccine in Mexico City, Mexico, May 13, 2021 (Reuters) Friday, May 14:

At least 1.3B coronavirus vaccine jabs administered worldwide

More than 1.37 billion coronavirus vaccine jabs have been given worldwide, according to data gathered by the Our World in Data website.

China is the most vaccinated country with 254.3 million jabs, said the site, followed by the US with more than 260 million. India has 176.5 million, the UK with 54.2 million, Brazil has given 49.2 million shots to its residents, Germany has 36.8 million and France with more than 26 .8 million vaccine jabs.

The list continues with Turkey with over 25.5 million jabs, followed by Italy, Russia and Indonesia.

The country with the most doses of the vaccine in terms of population was the East African island nation of Seychelles, with 132 doses per 100 people.

Study: Delayed second Pfizer shot produces more antibodies

Pfizer's vaccine generates antibody responses three-and-a-half times larger in older people when a second dose is delayed to 12 weeks after the first, a British study said.

The study is the first to directly compare immune responses of the Pfizer shot from the three-week dosing interval tested in clinical trials, and the extended 12-week interval that British officials recommend in order to give more vulnerable people at least some protection quickly.

After Britain moved to extend the interval between doses, Pfizer and vaccine partner BioNTech said there was no data to back up the move. However, Pfizer has said that public health considerations outside of the clinical trials might be taken into consideration.

“Our study demonstrates that peak antibody responses after the second Pfizer vaccine are markedly enhanced in older people when this is delayed to 12 weeks,” Helen Parry, an author of the study based at the University of Birmingham, said.

Mainland China reports first transmissions in over three weeks

Mainland China reported seven new cases, including its first local transmissions in more than three weeks, the country's national health authority said.

Two of the new cases were local infections in the eastern province of Anhui, the National Health Commission said in a statement. The cases were the first local transmissions since April 20, when China recorded two local infections in the southwestern province of Yunnan, where a city on the border with Myanmar reported a new cluster in late March.

The other five cases announced were imported infections originating overseas. The commission had reported nine cases a day earlier, all imported.

Nearly 12,000 lives saved by vaccines so far in England 

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in England has prevented nearly 12,000 deaths and more than 30,000 hospitalisations in older people, an analysis by government agency Public Health England (PHE) said.

Britain has given two-thirds of its adult population at least one shot of Covid-19 vaccine, helping Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his efforts to reopen the economy by the summer. 

Up until the end of April, the Covid-19 vaccination programme prevented 11,700 deaths in people aged 60 or over in England, PHE said.

An estimated 33,000 hospitalisations of people aged 65 and above had been avoided in the same period.

The PHE figures did not cover Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, whose devolved governments make their own policy on combatting the pandemic.

Mexico reports 3,632 new cases

Mexico's Health Ministry has reported 3,632 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 311 more deaths, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 2,375,115 and fatalities to 219,901.

Separate government data published in March suggested the real death toll may be at least 60 percent above the confirmed figure.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies