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Gordon Robinson | Be careful what you ask for

Gordon Robinson | Be careful what you ask for

The Government continues its obsession with its favourite diversion, namely, states of public emergency (SOEs).

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Wherever the prime minister or national security minister is heard these days, they are drowned out by the sound of toys being thrown out of prams in protest that their number one plaything has been taken away. Whether in Parliament, church, or at swearing-in ceremonies, the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth are louder than The Old Ball and Chain’s one-year-old grandson Knowall when he wants attention from his parents, the Ampersand and Frittata (loved my culinary creation called ‘father’s famous fritters’; stamp-and-go fritters; and Old BC’s special breakfast frittata).

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Knowall hears and sees everything (especially his parents) at any distance. Having spent his first year holed up in a Toronto apartment with parents alone, he demands their continuous attention. If frittata is missing for the shortest time, his loud, persistent demands for her return are irresistible. He sees her no matter how hard grandparents try to hide her movements. The late great Desmond Dekker (and the aces):

“You think I never see you

when you jump over di wall

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